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God Does Not Have A Plan B For You

When I became single for the second time in my life, it wasn’t part of the plan. Life had taken an abrupt turn, and single motherhood became my new reality.

I grieved in the beginning. Not only for the losses my family would suffer, but because it didn’t match what I believed God was calling me toward in ministry. You see, I had a passion for the women in my church. I wanted to help them flourish in God’s calling. I wanted to be known as a godly woman they could rely on. I wanted to serve God in the ministry He was so obviously laying on my heart. Women’s ministry.

I wasn’t happy with God at the little turn off my path. I mean, the plan was moving along quite smoothly up to that point. I was the co-leader of women’s ministry in my church. I was a writer for women’s ministries across the nation. I was well on my way with plan A, when a boulder in the road forced me to instead choose plan B.

In my anger, I went to church one Sunday, ready to talk to God about this change in plans. And when I say talk, I mean complain. Because, let’s face it, it just wasn’t fair.

So you can imagine my surprise when a guest pastor spoke about our plans, and looked me directly in the eye — really, he did — and said:

“God doesn’t have a plan B for you. He has a plan A. And you’re living it.”

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