When You Can’t Take One More Thing


Tipping point

It’s like the tipping point on a jug of milk. That delicate balance between being able to keep it under control and pour a glass to enjoy, and the point where it’s too heavy and falls forward spilling every last drop.

Maybe you’ve been there.

You’re coming through the other side of a rough time and you’re beginning to get a grip on life again. Maybe you’ve been able to pay your bills for the first time in a long time, or you’ve improved physically, or your children have excelled with something you’ve been trying to tackle together.

Maybe you’ve simply been able to be around others without breaking down.

If you’ve gone through loss, that my friend is no small feat.

Then, it happens.

Something gets off-kilter in your life—or at least seems to be—and you feel like all that ground you’ve gained has suddenly been ripped out from under you. Like a cruel magic trick, the rug has been pulled, and you’ve just landed flat on your back.

Mentally, you’re right back at your low point. I mean, THE low point. The one you thought might kill you. As if you haven’t made the first step in progress. And it’s more defeating this time around.

Emotionally, you’re numb. You can’t gather the mental tenacity to climb another obstacle.

Physically, you freeze. You can’t bear to watch what will happen. You can’t stand to face the situation or even reach out for help because you’re too exhausted to deal with life anymore. It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?

Until you realize . . . you’ve overreacted.

It happened to me this week: a minor issue with my cell phone and my bank at the same time. A pure coincidence that was easily resolved with a visit to both. No harm, no foul.

But when it happened, I immediately went to that place. You know, the one where my life is falling apart. And it was all I could do to even face resolving it. All. I. Could. Do.

I cried as I drove to the bank, assuming something horrible was about to enter my life that was going to be completely out of control—even though I’d done nothing wrong, and I was fully aware of that fact. It took me back to a place of fear, where things would happen to me just because I was me. Like my life was on rails. I could feel my heart racing as I stepped to the help desk. I was struck with fear.

I felt like a victim, and it sickened me.

Can you relate?

Sweet friend, if you’ve been there, or if you’re there now I need you to hear this:

You are not a victim, because you are not a casualty in your life. You and what has happened to you is not the end result—even though it may feel that way. You and what has happened to you is often the beginning—and sometimes the most important—point in your journey. And every step you’ve taken to get here has been crucial to your future success.

Because God uses each and every point along your journey for good. To teach you. To guide you. To help you grow into the person he is calling you to be. Because a time will come, when he calls you front and center. When he takes your hand and pulls you through the crowd—to lead. To show them that you’ve been where they’ve been, and that they’re going to make it too.

He’s leading you through this because he trusts you. He trusts that you will rise to the occasion. That you will use what seems bad in your life to encourage another person who needs to know that he never left you in it. That he carried you through it. And that he didn’t allow you to be victimized any longer. And that he wants to do the same for them.

And you need to trust as well. Trust that he is still with you in this. Even after the small victories. He’s not guided you to this point only to leave you there as if to say, “She’s got it now. I’m done here.” He’s with you until the end.

“‘. . . along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them,’ says the Lord.” Isaiah 42:16

So, have courage. Lean on him for strength. And put the past behind you trusting that God is ahead of you.

All you need to do is follow his lead and trust.



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