laura adams surface pattern design

Hi, I’m Laura.

When I became a single mother, I had no idea what I was about to live through. But more than that, I had no idea what millions before and after me would live through. It felt so lonely and isolating, and like everyone was suddenly judging me. I spent the first weeks researching everything I could find online about single motherhood from a Christian perspective, but there was almost nothing. And certainly, nothing that was encouraging.

That’s how this blog started. To encourage you. To show you that I was in it with you. That you were not alone. And that God was in fact, in the very midst of your struggle.

Through the years, I’ve had many women reach out and thank me for helping them feel heard, and seen, and not out of the reach of God. I pray that you’ll find the same here.

I’m no longer a single mom. And as such, I no longer write for this blog. But, I keep it here for you. In hopes that you will find camaraderie in your walk, hope, and most importantly, how your faith and relationship with God can change your experience.

I’m still an encourager. And I’d love to hear from you.

You can discover other single mom resources from me below. Or, You can find me at lauraadams.co where I focus on my art as a surface pattern designer, textile designer, and encourager. Or stop by my instagram, or pinterest page.