What to Do When You’re Too Busy for a Prayer Life

Let’s face it; we all can make a case in today’s society for being too busy for a prayer life. If the truth be told, life hasn’t slowed down in generations. And while I could go along with it all and give you a nice and tidy list of things that will help you make time for prayer, let’s call this lack of time what is really is:

An excuse.

Any of us (myself included) who pull this card out as a reason why we don’t have time to pray, can likely list multiple things in our lives that we could cut back on to make room for a prayer life. My life is super busy. I’m a single mom of three kids, who works full time, has a fledgling ministry, and writes books. And I could still find time (besides all of these things) to pray if I focused on it and made it a priority. I could take five minutes a day—or three, or even two—to spend focused time in prayer.

But I don’t. I use the excuse just like you do.

Because the real problem isn’t typically knowing how to make time for prayer; it’s deciding that prayer is going to be a priority in our life—something that we believe is more important than another thing we could use that time for.

Let’s agree to change that together.

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  1. I used to have a more erratic prayer life. I prayed, but not consistently at a regular time. I have found that by praying first thing in the morning, my day goes better, smoother, and less time is wasted. I also have a more consistent way to pray for certain things on a regular basis and that makes a difference too.

  2. I agree that praying early in the day sets us up for a better daily outcome. I’d love to know what is helping you find a “more consistent way” to pray for things on a regular basis. I’m always open to suggestions.

    Kindest Regards,

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