Laura Polk

When God Leaves

I was a shell of the woman I’d been.

If you’d known me ten years earlier, you wouldn’t have been able to be around me without seeing God’s hand all over me. I beamed with faith.

Even though I’d already been through several tough battles in my life, I was hope-filled and joy-filled and felt called to reach out to other women and share that sense of hope that comes from those who have battled hard and overcome.

I was quick to pray for them. Quick to comfort them. Quick to encourage them that God would never, ever, ever leave them in a bad situation. Because He loved them. They were His daughters, after all. Daughters of the King. And that was no small thing.

But years down the road, as I hit mountain after mountain in my life as a single mom, I began to wonder if those things were even true. That He was real. That He provided. That He protected. Because all I felt from Him was a gaping hole, I’d been financially destroyed, and I lived in fear that my ex would hurt me—if not worse.

And this wasn’t my first faith battle. I wasn’t a good Christian girl who grew up in the church and then one day turned around and questioned what her parents had believed. I spent several years investigating my faith before becoming a believer at the age of thirty. My faith was hard-won. But from the moment I found Jesus, I followed Him with gusto. So happy to have someone in my life that would never leave me. Because, sweet friend, I was the poster child for being left behind.

Until He left too.

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  1. Thank-you, Laura, for such honesty. I was there , too. I am glad to be out of it, but was scared in the mist. I have such wonderful Christian friends that I didn’t even know I had. I had left my real friends on the back burner. My focus was on my family , my husband, my job, my church…. with nothing left-over for building solid relationships with my Christian sisters. I try to pay that forward whenever possible. I know God sent them to pull me out and lift me up. Sometimes I pray for those things for my friends and family that need more than what I can give them.I know you write for single moms, but my son is giving it his all to stay married and give his baby daughter a solid Christian home. It has been extremely difficult. I have passed some of your articles along to him. He appreciates them! Take care and know you are helping so many of us! Love you my sister in Christ..

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I’m so happy to hear that your son is finding the articles helpful. I write what I know, as a single mom, but I know that our struggles are similar in many ways to all single parents. <3

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