Are You Turning Away What’s Best for You? :: From Single Matters Magazine

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Sometimes what is familiar is not what’s best for us.

Maybe we grew up in a situation that we knew wasn’t healthy, or we’ve spent long periods of time in relationships we knew weren’t good for us. Maybe we’ve spent too much time around people we know are toxic, or been exposed to marriages that are more hurtful than loving.

Sometimes what is familiar to us is the exact opposite of what God intended.

And it’s people like us who are most likely to go back to the familiar, to talk ourselves into accepting what we shouldn’t, to ignore the red flags we seeing waving all around us … simply because our comfort zone is a broken place.

A sweet friend of mine recently said, “If God is taking you out of your comfort zone and you’re kicking and screaming, STOP. He’s trying to give you the desires of your heart.”

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