Top 20 Easy Holiday Gifts to Make this Season

It’s almost that time of year again–you know, panic time! But, before you let the season sneak up on you, and stress you out, why not formulate a plan for all those teacher’s, neighbor’s, and other ones in your life that you’d like to give a little holiday thank-you gift to?

I’ve been on the prowl, checking out the new love in my life . . .ahhhh . . . Pinterest. I’m a crafty girl, afterall. But, that doesn’t mean I’m a whiz at anything! The key is finding great tutorials and ideas. And, since I’ve already done all the legwork for you (do you think that will help me lose those 20 pounds?), why not sit back and take a gander at my . . .

Top 20 Easy Holiday Gifts to Make this Season

1. Quickbread in a Jar The holidays are busy for everyone, right? Help them out with a quick and pre-prepped bread to throw in the oven when guests arrive. These are easy to make, and very economical, especially in batches. You can get the recipe for this one here.


2. Beaded Letter Wreath I don’t know that it’s possible to overdecorate at Christmas. That’s why I love this super easy, but very nice gift. Letters can be purchased at your local craftstore, along with beads of varying sizes. I would recommend E6000 for glue (the superglue of superglues). Then, tie a nice ribbon, and voila! Can’t you just imagine one in red?


3. Monogrammed Bucket Most of us host at least one event over the holidays. Purchase a galvanized bucket, paint it the color of your choice, then add letters (found at local craft stores) or paint them on using a stencil guide.


4. Bird’s Nest Necklace Adorable necklaces with beautiful simplicity. These are sold on etsy, but if you are into crafting, they are also very simple to make.


5. Dog Biscuits Make a batch of these doggie treats and wait for tail wagging when you give them to the dog lover in your life. You can find the recipe here.


6. Monogrammed Frame I love this simple concept of using two pieces of glass in a picture frame, with a monogram placed inside. Vinyl monograms are available in craft stores and online.


7. Glass Pendants These are very easy to make and a great gift if you’ve got a large group to get something for (think: your daughter’s gaggle of girlfriends). You can find directions here.


8. Ribbon Dishtowel Afraid of sewing? Don’t worry. Really. This is all about making a straight line. Easy Peasy. You can find out how, here.


9. Handmade Ornaments  There’s something so special about the ornaments we receive as gifts, each year reminding us of the giver. Better Homes and Garden has a great variety to make, here.


10. Salted Caramel Sauce in a Jar Um . . .Yuuuummm!! If you can’t find anyone else to give this to, let me know and I”ll send you my address. You can find the recipe here.


11. T-Shirt Scarf So easy, your kids can help out. What a stylish gift for just a little effort! You can find out how to make it here. 


12. Homemade Bath Salts Got a spa lover in your midst? I love these super cute bottles (seen at Ikea among other places) that go along way in making it special. You can find out all the details here.


13. Framed Chalkboard After several attempts to use this unique frame in her house, one blogger found the perfect solution: create a chalkboard for the kitchen. And since we can all use a little more organization in our lives . . . you can find out how to make it here.


14. No-Sew Monogrammed Tote C’mon, you have to admit, it’s a cute one, right? Who wouldn’t love another bag to carry life’s necessities in? Check out how to make it here.


15. Red Velvet Cake Truffles Before you look away, can I just say that these are SO EASY to make. Really. If it’s not easy, it’s not for me, cooking-wise. Starting with a mix, you can learn how to here. 


16. Book Marks Ever wish you could find something for your Bible Study girls that wouldn’t break the bank? Well, here ’tis. Simple to make, and you can get creative and top it with all kinds of sparkly things if flowers aren’t your thing. Just take a walk down the bead aisle at your craft store for a bevy of baubles. Learn how to make them as shown, here.


17. Pantry Soaps Who doesn’t love a nice set of hand soaps to splurge on holiday house guests? These are made from simple items in your kitchen, with great ideas for creative packaging. You can learn how to make them here. 


18. Washer Necklaces Again, need a group of gifts, in mass form? These are very inexpensive to make and can be personalized with a favorite phrase or name. You can learn how to make them here.


19. Decorated Pens Make a set for the teachers in your life. Easy to make using craft paper, or print out a special message and seal it inside. You can find out how to make these here.


20. Homemade Vanilla What’s the one ingredient most holiday goodies call for? Vanilla. Show them your gourmet savvy by whipping up a batch of your own. Just keep in mind, it takes about 4 weeks to set. So, get those beans moving! Learn how to make it here.


With a little pre-season planning, you can take the pressure off when the holiday rolls around. And, get the kiddos involved. It may become a tradition they look forward to every year!



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