The Jesus I Hope You See in Me

The Jesus I Hope You See in Me


For a large part of my life, I tried to find Jesus in me.

I assumed he was there, because well, some of my family members were Christians and I’d heard about the Jesus who lived in your heart. But, I didn’t know him. Or honestly, understand why I even should. I couldn’t see the point.

I tried for years to understand. On my own. And even asked for help along the way. But, it never seemed to stick. If the truth be told, I was hardhearted, and angry at the hand I’d been dealt.

And lonely. So lonely.

But the day came when I saw Jesus in someone for the first time in my life. Through two women at work. Who lived their faith so openly, no one could deny the reality of him in their lives. I could not stop watching them.

I just had to have what they had.

He’s such a part of me now that I wonder if people who knew me before, and know me still, can see the difference. Or, if a quiet girl really showed enough of herself for them to know the struggles I was up against.

I know you’re facing struggles too—because single motherhood is incredibly hard.

Maybe the worst struggles you’ve ever faced. And it feels hopeless at times. And defeating.

And lonely. So lonely.

But, there is hope. And, I pray that you see it in me.

In fact, this is the Jesus I hope you see in me:

The One who takes a broken and battered girl—and heals her so that she can love again.


The One who carries me physically, mentally, and emotionally—when I can’t even bear to walk.


The One who knows every single fault. Every single mistake. Every single grudge—and loves me anyway.


The One who sees me taking wrong turns down every path—and offers his hand to lead me back.


The One who fills the many, many wounds of my heart—and calls them beautiful.


The One who knows that I don’t feel I deserve anything—but gives me everything anyway.


The One who sees me for exactly who I am—and chooses not only to stay, but to cherish the moments we spend together.

He wants to be the same in your life.

If only you’ll open your eyes to see the Jesus that longs to be in you. Maybe he’s right in front of you, through the others who have been where you are.



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  1. What a great experience. Reading this reminds me when I meet Jesus and desired so much to have Him in my heart. Just because of that you are saying, I saw other people being different, with something different in their lives. I wanted that too! I don’t know what a single parenting must be, because I don’t have kids, but my sister does. And I have to say, I have seen her, and she is in Love with Jesus… living always in Her first love with Him, so happy and always shinning His Glory. It seems to be hard to be single and having kids raising them all by yourself, but when we have Jesus in our heart we can do anything, because of Him we are not alone. So glad I stopped by. Nice to meet you, I think it’s the first time I’m here. I’m visiting from #livefreeThursday.

    Tayrina from TGAWrites

  2. Do you know what I love best about this? You were led into a hard place where you didn’t want to go, and where you didn’t ask to be, and yet Jesus shines through every part of your journey. You are definitely a brave girl, A woman who reflects Jesus’ love.

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