The God Who Rewrites Stories

There’s something wonderful in the telling of a story. Maybe it’s the potential it holds. Or, the anticipation of how it ends. But, whether you are the teller or the listener, stories have the power to stay in our hearts like nothing else.

I know you. I’ve heard your story.

Sure, it’s complicated. In fact, there are parts of it that are hard to hear. The same parts you’d like to forget. At times, it’s shown you in a harsh light. Other times, it’s made you wonder if anyone could love a story like yours.

Sometimes, you wish you could just play another part.

But, somewhere in your storyline—somewhere along the path you’ve struggled as it’s been written—you’ve learned to accept the hard parts. Gracefully or not, deep down you’ve decided that you’ll likely never truly get past them. You may have even come to believe you deserve them.

Even though you don’t.

You’ve heard about rewriting your story. About forgiveness. But you think, “Really? A God who rewrites life stories?” It’s too simple. Your story’s different. And if anyone with a past like yours knows—nothing’s simple.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to erase some things in their life? Or forget the painful parts they can’t let go of? Or even the painful parts they’re living in now. But, life’s just not like that.

Not yours, anyway.

Except . . .

God tells your story a little differently.

In His version, you’re His favorite.

He looks forward to seeing what your life will bring.

He hopes each time He reaches for your story that you’ll somehow see Him there, and reach back.

He sees the flaws you try to hide, and finds them beautiful. The best parts of you.

Because He knows that those messy parts of your story are the most useful in His story, should you choose to let Him add you to it.

His story is full of people just like you. People who seemed to have nothing worth fighting for. People who were ashamed of their past. People who feared for their future. People who deep down, just longed to be accepted. By someone. Just. One. Someone.

He can rewrite your story too. That is, if you’ll let Him.

He wants nothing more than to add you into His story. To tell you of all the many others who came to Him just like you. To take your hand and show you that He’ll go ahead of you, plot it out for you, and help you design a life that’s much better than you ever imagined.

Because He knows you. He’s heard your story. And like all stories, the real beauty is discovered in the second draft.

Will you let Him?

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