Tell it, Girl

 The story unfolded as foretold. He was born. He lived as man. He came to save.

It’s so incredible; it’s almost too much to take in. So, we celebrate. We give Him a proper place in our holiday, then restart our own stories with renewed faith.

But, after the holidays, as you tuck the nativity back into the closet, do you also put the story back on the shelves of your mind? Or do you share it?

What if we all really did go out and tell it on the mountain?

What if the passion we felt during the holidays, the gratitude, and the disbelief at our fortune stayed with us past the New Year? What if we made a decision each year to renew our role in the story, to vow to “tell it” so that the following year maybe one more person would have the gift we so easily forget?

If you’re reading this, you likely spend a fair amount of time on the web. There’s never been a time in history when so much information was available so easily, to so many. Whether through the internet, texting, apps, or messaging, there’s never been a time with so many avenues to reach people.

What if we used it?

There’s the chance that we’ll offend. Or anger. Or just plain scare, of course. But, there’s also the chance that we won’t.

That we’ll use our time online to bless, to encourage, to guide and build. Knowing that God is at work all over the world in channels that run deeper and wider than the internet. That He may use a click of a mouse to catch someone’s interest. To lead someone to Him in a way He didn’t have available years ago.

Technology makes us more transparent than we’ve ever been in our lives. We allow ourselves to be exposed through facebook, twitter, blogs, and email. People piece our lives together based on the small snippets they see through these media, and they can discern better than ever if we are living the life, or living the lie.

So, I challenge you this year, sister. It’s time to get out there and tell it. To be as real and transparent as you can be so that people see your faith and rather than wonder if they could ever follow Him, know what real Christianity looks like, and decide to follow as well. The real Christian. Broken. Flawed. Imperfect. Prone to mistakes. Filled with issues. A holy, hot mess.

Just. Like. Them.

To show them not only what a godly woman is (because we all have enough of them showing us up, right?), but also what reachable faith is. Real faith, within their grasp.

I know. You’re not the one. You’ve got too many things that hold you back. Too many mistakes. Too many flaws.

Actually, that makes you a good choice for His service. Just as Gideon felt completely inadequate, God simply told him to “Go in the strength you have.” (Judges 6:14)

Not the super-holy-ultimate-example-of-a-Christian strength that many fake. The strength you have. What is already within you. Because it’s in the weak lives, that God is able to do a mighty work. It’s when we lean into Him, knowing that we can’t do it, but trusting in faith that He’ll make it happen anyway, that GOD MOVES.

He can do incredible things through you. Just as He told Gideon: “Am I not sending you?”

Click and tell it, sister.

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