When Someone Else is Living the Life You Want


Is everyone’s life picture perfect (except mine)?

One look at social media would attest to that fact. Our feeds are filled with adoring spouses, doting grandparents, children who excel at impressive rates, beautifully maintained homes, dinners that rival a five-star restaurant, love stories that should be in the movies, vacations that I can only dream about… and the list goes on.

It’s easy to glance at someone else’s life and wonder… how is it that they got the life I always wanted? It’s also one of the fastest ways to become discouraged, disgruntled, and disconnected from the blessings we actually have right in front of us. We could talk about how things don’t always look as they seem, but when we take on the mindset of wanting someone else’s life, the issue isn’t really with the person we envy, it’s with us.

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