Single Parent: Stop Living Moment to Moment–From Single Matters Magazine

Single Parent-Stop Living moment to moment

If single parenthood has taught me anything in life, it’s this:

It is possible to live your life in 24-hour spurts.

In fact, in the beginning of my single mom status, it was literally all I could handle emotionally and physically. I prepped and was ready for the next day, and had no energy left to plan any further than that. If it didn’t fall within the next 24-hour window, I gave it little thought. I couldn’t let myself. Life was about survival. Moment to moment.

But, nearly two years into this, I’m beginning to get a firmer grip on this new life. I’ve done the work to try to heal and move forward, and I’m starting to see that there is room for a bigger picture. It’s time for me to expect more from myself. More from life.

Maybe you should too.

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  1. Laura, this is a beautiful post. Sorry, but I didn’t want to create a user name over at Single Matters to comment. I think what you’re saying is true for ALL moms, about not living to survive the next 24 hours, but I can only imagine how true it is for single moms. (My mother was one.) I want to share your blog with another single mom blogger I know: Lisa Columba Smith at SingleMomFaith.

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