She’s Got Issues: Guest Post by Nicole Unice


Meet Nicole. She’s an amazing writer and encourager. But, more than that, she has a gift for leading towards freedom. I’m not talking about freedom in Christ, though that is her ultimate goal for you, I’m talking about freedom from your stuff. The stuff you hide behind, under, beside, and basically stuff underneath that polished veneer.

This week she’s releasing her new book “She’s Got Issues”. Believe me, you can’t afford to miss this one. I’ve dog-earred so many pages, it’s starting to look like one of those magazine Christmas trees. Amazing.

Join us over at Moms Together on facebook today, where Nicole’s giving away a copy of her book, and a tee shirt to some lucky winners.

Here’s Nicole:

As a girl who’s grown up surrounded by church, I have a confession to make: I never understood this whole “security in Christ” business. There is nothing that I’ve found shuts me down faster than someone telling me to find my security in Christ. Here I am, looking for advice about what job to take or how to navigate a difficult relationship or how to forgive—and someone throws out this phrase.

And it’s not just me. Maybe nothing shuts anyone down faster than being told to to “find their security in Christ!” No matter the testimony, it seems like “finding my security in Christ” is always the final answer, the closing chapter, the end of the story.

That’s all well and good. And I do believe that “security in Christ” is the answer to all that ails me. But actually making it happen is a little different. And I wonder if slowing down, not being in such a rush to give the final answer, is the secret to understanding what it truly means to put all my heart into God’s hands.

When you think about a relationship with Christ, do you know what he really offers? The amazing thing about seeking out the true meaning of security in Christ is that what Jesus offers us quenches the deepest longings of our soul. When I’m looking for that perfect job, I’m striving to find purpose and belonging— and Jesus wants to meet me there. When I’m trying to figure out this relationship, I’m striving to feel loved—and Jesus wants to meet me there. When I stress about my appearance or body, I am striving to feel beautiful—Jesus wants to meet me there.

Security in Christ isn’t about having all the answers or being rid of your issues. It’s about finding that all of your deepest desires are met in Christ alone. It’s discovering that there is confidence and strength that come from a real relationship with Jesus. And it’s about embracing the reality that God uses all of our issues—from comparisons to control to insecurity to fear—to invite us into deeper places of life and trust in Him. I am not a finished product, nor will I be on this earth. But I can trust that God will continue to bring me back to placing my heart in his hands—and that is the final answer.


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