Let’s Rebel Against the Madness


I’m pretty sure I ran a marathon this last weekend. Except that my scale shows otherwise.

A sweet friend reached out to me and told me of her planned day of baking. Like a whole day she set aside to bake with her mother because it’s something she loves to do but never has time for. She’s a single mom too. A friend I made through this ministry, actually. If she were more like me, she’d think about it, and long for it, but time would slip by and it just wouldn’t be able to fit into the crazy schedule.

And I thought . . . this woman is a genius. In the middle of my craziness, maybe all I really need is a plan to do the things I love. The things I need.

Because–in case you didn’t know this about me–I plan like a mad woman. I could cover an entire room with my lists, and sticky notes, and notebooks. If there’s anyone that understands planning, it’s this girl. And yet, I’m exhausted. I’ve been going at it for far too long, far too hard, with no rest in between.

I know you can relate.

But, it never occurred to me to simply plan for it until this conversation over the weekend.

And so I’m going for it. But, what I need isn’t more time to do things. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve found time to squeeze in a few moments here and there. Truth be told, I probably have 5 or more “projects” going on at any time that I can pick up for a few moments, work on, and feel satisfied that they are moving forward.

What I need more of is rest.

Not sleep. Rest.

As in space in my life in which I’ve planned NOTHING.

Nothing may be my new favorite word.

This is a season of craziness, but I’m choosing rest.

I’m going to show you something I never show anyone: my crazy planner. Each week, I list the top 15-20 items I need to get accomplished and then spread them out over the week. These are the things that I want to get done BESIDES my full time job, BESIDES being a mom to my kids, BESIDES things I need like sleeping and eating. Hey, I get a HUGE amount of stuff done. That’s why I started this planner. Because my list use to sit stagnant and taunt me relentlessly until I made a plan.














See why I need rest?

I know it won’t mean that I actually do NOTHING. It’s just not in me, friends. I like staying busy. And I have a new single mom book releasing in the next two months—so there’s that. But, it does mean that I’ll take it day-by-day after this week. That I’ll do what I feel like doing. Not what I’ve made myself believe I have to do that day. That I’ll drop the things that really can wait. And stop demanding so much of myself for the rest of this year.

It’s seriously the best gift I could give myself.

Will you join me?

Let’s give ourselves breathing room this month. Let’s give time to just sit. To just be. To let the list slide into January with NO GUILT. Not the important things or the things that are necessary. The OTHER things. The things we make a priority when they could wait. The things we pile on ourselves that add to our stress.

Because it’s only in resting that we can truly hear God–over all the daily noise. That we can take a moment to reflect and truly see–where He’s recently taken us and the path He’s laying before us. That we can truly feel–the feelings we’ve avoided but need to address so that the healing toward healthiness can continue. Rest in our faith. Rest in our lives. Just rest.

So I’m checking out until after the New Year. I won’t be blogging. I won’t be checking in as much.

Just picture me with my feet up. Maybe knitting. Definitely baking. Possibly napping.

I’ll see you in January, rested.



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