Jesus Digs My Broken SUV

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This week I learned an invaluable life lesson: SUVs need oil in order to run.

Now, that may seem ridiculous, or possibly hilarious, depending on your bent. And, for the record, I know that SUVs need oil (tongue sticking out in defiance).

But . . . how frequently do they really need it? I don’t mean the breaking-out-the-SUV-manual-to-find-the-frequency, frequency. I mean, really. In real life with three kids and two jobs kind of frequency. Please tell me I’m not the only one who stretches this.

You see, I’m the kind of girl who runs out of gas. The kind who pushes her tank to the limit (21.8 gallons if you really must know). The kind who believes with all her heart that she can decide on her own what her SUV needs. Forget the experts. What do they really know beyond the borders of the SUV manufacturing plant, anyway?

Yes ma’am. I’m a risk taker. A rule bender. And, a price payer.

My husband and close friends don’t even bother to act surprised anymore. And I like that. I’m glad they’ve finally gotten on board with Laura’s Rules for Life.

This past week, my SUV became more and more difficult to drive. As it sputtered and hiccupped its way down the road, I wracked my brain trying to figure out what was wrong. This problem had been going on for weeks and was getting progressively worse. It was unlike any other car problem I’d ever experienced, and I just knew that it was going to take a small loan to fix it.

Meanwhile, I gave no heed to the Change Engine Oil Soon display that could no longer be turned off. I knew when the SUV needed oil, for goodness sakes. And, it would get said oil when I felt like it should. I had bigger problems to deal with. My vehicle was dying. And if anyone knew car problems, it was me.

Over the past years, I’d had multiple blown tires, an engine catch on fire, a transmission die, and complete electronic system shut downs. I’d heard more rattles, blips, and blurts than an eighties boy band attempting Rap. I was an expert of sorts. Laura the Vehicle Killing Machine, if you will. I knew the limits on a multitude of makes and models.

So, I knew with everything in me that my SUV trouble would never be solved with something as simple as oil. In fact, the idea that it just needed an oil change seemed ridiculous to me. Except that it was all that it needed. Problem solved. People laughed. And I looked at them in exasperation. Again.

As I was enjoying my better than new vehicle today, it got me thinking about how Jesus would like my SUV. He’d totally relate to my insane belief that I know it better than it knows itself. He’d get that I would not accept a small answer when a much bigger one could obviously prove my point more effectively.

He’d dig it, because He’s been that SUV.

  • That thing in my life taken for granted that I knew would show up and perform when needed no matter how I treated it.
  • That thing in my life that even when He tried to gently warn me of impeding danger, I’d go on boldly before Him, claiming to know more.
  • That thing in my life that even as His warnings became louder, and more insistent, and impeded my moving forward, that I would still turn cold and demand that I be the one listened to instead of Him.

Can you relate?

Jesus digging my SUV got me thinking about a lot of things in my life. But especially this: is Jesus my oil?

  • Is Jesus the important thing in my life that I neglect the most?
  • Is Jesus the short and obvious answer to my very large problems?
  • Is Jesus’ manual of life being shoved in my glove compartment because I know a better way?

Sometimes in life, we make things too hard. And sometimes, that’s exactly where things need to be in order to realize the easy choice before us.

What is Jesus digging in your life?


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