How to Find Spiritual Renewal at Work

Your day starts like this:

You’re the first to get up and therefore bump your big toe on the bathroom door as you head to the shower in the dark.

Before the first drop of water has managed to hit your head, you begin the mom-to-do-list that resides, forever faithfully, in your head.

In a span of time that can only be described as warp-speed, you wrangle untold numbers of children into getting out of bed, eating breakfast, getting dressed, grabbing book bags, and loading into the car. You’ve also managed to dress yourself, pack other people’s lunches, and move something from the freezer to the refrigerator for dinner later. You’ve even let the dog out to do her business. Then. Back. In.

A car ride that feels much like the tea-cup ride at Disney World, ushers you to a multitude of schools in which young bodies must then be encouraged to enjoy their day.

Inside an empty car, you look forward to the silence, except your other “mind” has kicked in—the work-mode-mind—and an entirely new list of priorities and to-dos begins being recited in a voice that is somehow much more professional and ladylike than the earlier voice that resided there.

You arrive at work, exhausted. Nine hours to go. Then, another six as you enter round-three with the kiddos. It’s a wonder you find time to breathe, much less, to connect with God. The one relationship you need the most during this time.

I’ve been there. Working outside the home can be a harrowing tale. One in which you feel like you’ll never get a free moment to yourself. One in which you wonder how on earth you can find spiritual renewal.

But, it’s one of the things you need the most, Mama.


7 Ways to Find Spiritual Renewal at Work:

  • Start a Bible Study Lunch. Find another friend (or two) who might be interested in some downtime during lunch time. There are lots of Bible studies or devotionals that can be done in fifteen minute increments, giving you plenty of time to share your thoughts and a meal together.
  • Devote a Devo Book. Bring a devotional book to work, and only allow yourself to read it there during your break or lunch hour. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your time alone with God, even in the midst of your busy day.
  • Take Prayer Breaks. Use the first or last fifteen minutes of your lunch hour, or one of your breaks, to pray. If you find yourself unable to gather your thoughts during these times, carry a prayer notebook with you in which you write down specific prayers that you save for this special time of your day.
  • Pray for Your Coworkers. Arrive to work a few minutes early and spend a moment praying over each person’s chair. The more you pray for your office mates, the more connected you’ll feel to them.
  • Plug into Christian Radio. Bring a small radio, connect to your computer, or even your smart phone and plug into a great local Christian radio station that offers encouraging music and talk all day. If you can’t find one locally, check out online.
  • Stash Some Verses. Find some encouraging Bible verses that speak to you at this point in your journey, write them down and then reflect on them throughout the day. Make it a goal to memorize one a week.
  • Walk with God. If you find yourself stressed out from your work week, take a prayer walk during lunch. Spend that time intentionally connecting with the One who understands you best.

Though it may seem overwhelming when you are a working mother trying to renew yourself spiritually on a regular basis, it can be done. All it takes is a little planning—something you’ve obviously already mastered.


  1. These are very good suggestions for developing a Christian witness at the work place, but PLEASE stress the crucial importance that all of the above mentioned suggestions will mean absolutely nothing unless the believer is the best employee that they can be. I have had numerous Christian employees who were vocal about their faith, but their walk and everyday work ethics were NOT consistent with their talk. As Christians, we should be known for our faith by the way we interact with co-workers, our attitudes towards our employers and an impeccable work ethic of honesty and truthfulness. One need NOT have to do the suggestions to be recognized as a Christian. It should be clearly seen in our work and that is the best witness of all. The suggestions will then be visuals to what is already recognized as a lifestyle of virtue and Christ-like attitudes.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the great feedback. This article was actually to help Christian’s find time at work to renew their faith since work can be so stressful for so many, especially in this economy. But, I hear what you are saying, and completely agree. In fact, I may do another article on that topic of making sure we walk the walk we talk at work. I actually came to faith at work due to watching a couple of Christian women in my office who were so different than any other Christian’s I’d ever met. Being consistent is what won me over. They had no idea I was “watching” them for almost two years before I took the chance on asking them some questions. Great reminder. Thanks!


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