Finding Your Life Verse:: From The Life of a Single Mom

Life verse

I never understood the power of a life verse until I prayed about finding one for the first time.

I was a new Christian at the age of 30 and had left a pretty messy wake behind me. I felt alone, unloved, and was certain that I was cursed to be that way my entire life. I shyly prayed for a verse after hearing about it from a friend, but honestly, I didn’t think God would hear me.

Boy was I wrong. He gave me,

“I will restore the years the locusts have eaten.” Joel 2:25

I cannot tell you how powerful this verse was to a girl who’d been disowned by half of her family, whose marriage was a disaster, and at the age of 30 wasn’t sure there was a single person in her life beyond her children who loved her. She was broken, and convinced to her core that she would always be so.

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