Do You Have Enough Faith to be Brave?

Walking girl on the beachThe single mom life is hard. Harder than I ever knew, or imagined it would be. Many days I feel like I’m standing in the ocean, being knocked over again and again by the waves that keep coming—and keep coming—and I’m not strong enough to push through them.

Can you relate?

It’s exhausting. Even more so because you’re likely doing it all alone. And sometimes you wonder if that next wave is going to be the one that finally pulls you under. For good.

You push through each day, doing all you can for your children. And as evening rolls in, you tuck your heart, and your feelings, and the dreams you once held into your back pocket believing that they are safer out of the way for now. That you and your tender heart are better with them hidden out of sight. Because even the slightest glimpse is too much at times. A reminder that your road has been too hard. Too painful. Too unfair.

Until one day . . . you decide you need more.

Because with some distance between you and the starting point on this single motherhood path, you’ve done the hard work of healing a little. You’ve grown a little. And you let yourself begin to dream again—just a little.

And by faith, you decide to be brave. Knowing that many have gone before you the same way.

Like Esther who stood up to save a nation . . . by faith.
Like Hagar who trusted God after being banished . . . by faith.
Like Ruth who trusted that her life would be redeemed . . . by faith.

Because bravery isn’t about us or what we can convince ourselves to do. Bravery comes through faith. Knowing that there is One who is there with us in our daily battle. Holding us up against the waves. Not letting them knock us over. Then gently pushing us toward the shore to begin again.

Maybe it’s your turn to be brave by faith, and start again.

To stop listening to the booming voice in your head that tells you life is hard and you should just deal with the blows you’ve been given.

And listen instead to the voice that teaches that life can be beautiful, and blessed, and redeemed.

If your healing has led you to a place of wanting more, then stand up and point yourself toward that shore, sweet friend. You can do it.

He’s right behind you.



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  1. Laura! I so enjoyed! You are brave. My sister is a single mom. She is brave. Thank you for sharing your heart and letting other women know that there is a way to live brave and free in Jesus!

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