Dear Singles: Don’t Miss Your Moment

Dear Singles,

I know. Another letter telling you all the things you should focus on while you’re single. How you should make this your time to serve, and how you should enjoy those years of doing what you want before life gets crazy, and blah blah blah.

This isn’t about that.

Because the truth about being single is that most of us see it as a filler-spot. You know, the little spacer on your lifeline that is just a temporary blip until you meet the person you want to do life with. The person that you’ve prayed for and hoped for and longed for your entire life. There is no shame in that. It’s a huge part of life.

This letter is actually about that person. (Cue: heart emojis floating across the screen)

Because after spending 17 years married, and now four years single-again, I have a few things to share with you before you make that plunge. Things I wish I’d known. Things like this:

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