The Conversation No Parent Wants to Have: How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce


It’s an unfortunate truth in society today: half of all children will go through the break-up of their family, and their parent’s divorce. Though it’s obviously not God’s ideal, it does happen, and needs to be approached with grace from those on the outside, as well as those on the inside. One of the biggest mistakes parents make while going through a divorce is leaving their child out of the conversation. They have suffered a loss as well, are grieving as well, and need someone to work through it with them.

So, how do you talk to your child about your divorce?

Bring it up

They need to talk about it. But, your children will never be the first to bring it up. They are aware of the pain that surrounds the situation and are putting on a brave face for the simple fact that they love you. As a parent, it’s your job to discuss the tough issues no matter how difficult. So, bring it up. Ask how they feel about it. Continue with questions until the conversation is exhausted, paying attention to body language that might suggest they are hiding how they truly feel. They need to get it off of their chest.

Let them ask the questions  

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