Should Christian Women be Bothered If the Way They Dress Makes a Man Struggle?


Sometimes writing an article makes me change my viewpoint on a topic—like this one.

When I first agreed to write this, I knew exactly what I would say.

Sometimes women are told that the way they dress is making men struggle. At first glance, the whole statement seems like a cop-out, right? As women, we can take offense from the get-go. It suggests that men have no self-control and shifts the blame squarely (and unfairly!) onto our shoulders. The whole concept seems to suggest that Christian men are uncontrollable children that women have to manage.


But as I researched it, and spent time talking through it with God, I began to understand the other side. We could probably all use a little more of that these days!

We live in a very visual society. In a world of selfies, instant updates, and “highlight reels” of the personal moments of our lives, the opportunity for men to see us in our more private moments becomes commonplace. Even if we don’t realize it, our bikini-clad bodies on vacation can suddenly become fodder for conversation if someone deems it to be tempting to someone it shouldn’t.

It doesn’t mean we are somehow at fault when someone sees it, but we do have to be aware of it.

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