When You Can’t Get Along With Your Ex:: From Single Matters Magazine


In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as an Ex. People would love like they are meant to, marriages would thrive and love would win every time. But in the broken world we actually reside in, life throws punches. Sucker punches at times. And we find ourselves single and maneuvering our children through waters we never even wanted to dip our toes into.

In the beginning of this second season of singleness, we often have high hopes of how things will go. We’re all adults, after all. We can all place our differences aside for the sake of the children. We can be kind to one another for the sake of the children. We can respect one another moving forward, for the sake of the children.

Except when we can’t.

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  1. Good article. But no matter how much my ex manipulates and confuses my kids, the police don’t care until he physically hurts them.

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