The Blessing of This Home

Sometimes a blessing comes when you least expect it.

This last year has seen nothing but changes for my family. None of which I wanted. Most of which I went into kicking and screaming. Certainly not expecting to be blessed in.
Which is why this may be the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. This starting over for me, is not where I would have chosen to start over. But, it’s exactly where God chose.


And it’s so much better than what I would have ever chosen for myself.

Isn’t that what a blessing is?

In the weak moments when all we feel like we can manage is the next step—which looks more like a slow dragging of our wounded feet—God’s favor comes from nowhere.

Like this house that feels more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever lived. In my whole life. A house that means peace. And healing. And blessings for a girl who hasn’t felt like she deserved them.

And I just want to shout to the world that this is what God did for me. That it doesn’t logically make sense how this came to be, and yet it did. Because of Him.

The God who sees.

The God who provides.

The God who loves beyond our imagination.

The God who picks up the broken pieces of our lives and shows us how to rebuild, creating something beautiful in His eyes. Even when we can’t yet see the beauty of it all. Something more than we think we deserve.

And so I praise Him for the broken pieces. And for the blessings He gives us when we give in to him and give up everything we thought we held dear. Opening our hearts to Him in ways that seem so dangerous, and outrageous, that we fear we’ll never recover.

Because He won’t let us. Retreating back to the places of pain is never His intention for us. A “re-covering” of our pain so we can limp on through life is not good enough for the children He loves so deeply. He wants to give us His best.

Which is why this blessing is so precious to me. So beautiful. So perfect.

Just as He loves me. Just as He loves you.



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