What if You Allowed God to Heal Your Heart?

Heal heart

What if you could change the course of your life by allowing God in a little more?

It’s possible.

If there’s one overarching thing that I’ve learned from my journey as a single mom and the other single moms I’ve spoken to along theirs, it’s this:

We must actively seek healing in order to move forward.

Our faith is active. It’s a choice to be in relationship with God. It’s a choice to follow Him with our actions and not just our words. It’s a choice to allow Him access to make us a better version of ourselves—the version He knows is in us.

That’s how I started writing the book I released this week. I was seeking healing. I was so broken, friends. Not only from my disaster of a marriage, but from past hurts, being disowned by my own father, job losses, financial devastation, and a seriously skewed version of how I saw myself in this world.

Walking through life wounded allows a lot of things in that we don’t need moving forward: We are easily manipulated, we are distracted by the chaos in our lives, we become stuck in the mentality that “this is life”—you know, the crummy version we’re living—and try to hunker down and bear it.

But, God did not place you on this earth to hunker down and take it.

There are three things I am sure of for each of you:

You are called to be a mother

You are called to a relationship with Christ

And you have a part to play in both.

My new book is a challenge to that. A call to reach into the hard areas of your life and seek healing. In all of the areas that are likely tender at the moment:

  • Your faith
  • Your relationship with your children
  • Your relationship with your ex
  • How you see yourself
  • How you see the choices you’ve made
  • How you see your future

Because my single goal in starting The Christian Single Mom Ministry was to find understanding so that I could heal. Then, to encourage others to do the same. It’s what God calls us to as women. To reach back and help those a little further behind us on the roads we’re travelling.

Are you ready to move forward, heal that broken heart, and start walking toward the future God planned all along? Pick up a copy of The Single Mom Challenge and let’s get started. Together with God, we can do anything.









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